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Cultivating Higher Order Thinking Skills

With a focus on the development of thinking habits, our supplementary teaching aims to build a learning environment that encourages students’ creative thinking skills. Our goals is to not only teach students to pass exams, but also to give them a genuine, competitive mind set.


AniMath offers different type of classes, for students from 4 to 15 years old. Our programs are carefully crafted to cultivate active learning habit in your child, engaging students in higher order thinking skills (HOTS) and lead them to academic success.

Individual Coaching

Every child is different, and we understand that. Our self-paced learning program cater for children at different stage of learning, with individual coaching. This ensure your child get the most of our every class at aniMath center.


Group Lesson

Teacher conduct fun and interactive games during group lessons, and follow up with worksheet for students after class. Our group teaching lesson is designed for lively learning experience for children and learn through play.


Holiday Programs

School holiday is time for fun! But who says you can’t learn while having fun? Our holiday programs ranges from 1-day to 2 weeks workshop, aiming to take your child’s mind off academic pressure, and enjoy the learning program.


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